Recommended Sightseeing Routes

Information on Accomodations at Tsukioka Onsen

Shiratama no Yu   Senkei

Shun Kiraku, an Echigo
Japanese-style restaurant, proudly offers open-grill cooking.

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Shiratama no Yu-  kahou

Filled with pleasures, such as garden walks, a heated swimming pool, and a circuit-style large bath area..

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Introduction to Tsukioka Onsen

The history of Tsukioka Onsen- The legend of "Sagi no Yu" and the efficacy and water quality of the hot springs.

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Introduction to Tourist Attractions and Facilities

There are various sites for sightseeing around Tsukioka Onsen. Let's create rich travel memories!

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Access Map to Tsukioka Onsen

Access information to Niigata prefecture and Tsukioka Onsen by various transportaion modes.

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Recommended Sightseeing Routes

30 minutes by shuttle(former hot springs of Tsukioka Onsen→Shibata Jyoushi Kousen Parking)

Shibata Castle Park

10 minutes by foot

Koji Fukiya Memorial Museum of Art

10 minutes by foot

Shimizu En

3 minutes by foot

Sake breweries of Ichishima Shuzo

33 min by foot and shuttle(Shibata Castle Park →Former hot springs of Tsukioka Onsen)

Tourist Attractions & Facilities detailed information

Shibata Castle Park

Night viewing of magical cherry blossoms refelecting in the historical moat.To Access routes

Address 6 Ote-machi, Shibata-shi, Niigata-ken
Open hours 9:00-21:00 (Parking hours 9:00-17:00)
During the cherry blossom festival until 21:30.
Koji Fukiya Memorial Museum of Art

Charming drawings of yound ladies which captures hearts of women.To Access routes

Address 4-11-7 Chuo-cho, Shibata-shi, Niigata-ken
Open hours 9:00~17:00

The foundation of Edo-culture in Echigo Shibata. Feel 400 years of history.To Access routes

Address 7 Daiei-cho, Shibata-shi, Niigata-ken
Open hours [Apr.-Oct.]9:00-17:00 [Nov.-Mar.] 9:00-16:30
Ichishima Shuzo Sake Brewery Tour

Passing down the elegance of Japanese sake to future generations.
To Access routes

Address 3-1-17 Suwa-cho, Shibata-shi, Niigata-ken
Open hours 9:00-16:00 Closed End of the Year and New Year's Dec. 31-Jan. 3

Be sure to visit Tsukioka Onsen to recover from your tiredness after a day of adventure.In this hot spring resort area, the smell of sulfur fills the air, and encompasses 19 inns, restaurants, and souvenir shops. At sundown, geisha girls with gorgeous kimonos stroll by. This tranquil atmosphere is surrounded by the wide Echigo Plain and Gozu mountain range, and is close to the Sea of Japan.