Introduction to Tsukioka Onsen

Information on Accomodations at Tsukioka Onsen

Shiratama no Yu   Senkei

Shun Kiraku, an Echigo
Japanese-style restaurant, proudly offers open-grill cooking.

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Shiratama no Yu-  kahou

Filled with pleasures, such as garden walks, a heated swimming pool, and a circuit-style large bath area..

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Introduction to Tourist Attractions and Facilities

There are various sites for sightseeing around Tsukioka Onsen. Let's create rich travel memories!

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Recommended Sightseeing Routes

Recommended sightseeing routes have been especially prepared for your further enjoyment at Tsukioka Onsen.

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Access Map to Tsukioka Onsen

Access information to Niigata prefecture and Tsukioka Onsen by various transportaion modes.

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Introduction to Tsukioka Onsen, Niigata Prefecture

About Niigata Prefecture and Tsukioka Onsen

Niigata prefecture has the third largest number of hot springs in Japan. Within this, the therapeutic baths of Tsukioka Onsen have developed into a hot springs resort, supported by the benefit of an infrastructure including the Shinkansen bullet train and national expressway, as well as the high quality of the hot springs water. Niigata prefecture is roughly located in the center of Japan, has air and land routes to all of Japan. It is close to the ocean and surrounded by mountains and the countryside, and is called the "hometown" close to the city.

History of Tsukioka Onsen

Tsukioka was once an uninhabited hill in the middle of the woods. In 1917, in the midst of the oil rush excitement in Niigata prefecture, hot spring water suddenly gushed from an excavating well. People said "Oil isn't found under hot water," and the oil company abandonded the well. Shuzaburo Honma noticed this hot water, established a common bath and opened a therapeutic bath inn next to it. Thus began Tsukioka Onsen. Since then, approximately 100 years of history has passed, and Tsukioka has become famous as a hot spring resort representing Niigata prefecture.

Scenery of Tsukioka Onsen, Niigata Prefecture

Scenery of Tsukioka Onsen, Niigata Prefecture

The Legend of "Sagi no Yu" of Tsukioka Onsen?

Onsen before it became a hot spring site. One fall evening, a heron (Sagi) was injured and couldn't fly. A farmer approached the heron, but the heron noticed the farmer, and escaped into reeds, dragging one foot. The farmer investigated the site the heron was standing, and a hot spring splashed magically. A few days later, the heron was standing in the hot water but its severe injury was healed and flew away into the sky. This is the legend of "Sagi no Yu" of Tsukioka Onsen.

'Efficacy and water quality of Tsukioka Onsen

In one word, the efficacy of this hot spring is "wonderful." It is a top-class quality spring rich in hot spring minerals for eternal youth and longevity and beauty.

Stiff neck Nerve pain Rheumatism Female ailments
Skin problems Cuts and abrasions Minor high blood pressure Diabetes
Asthma Stomach disorders Hemorrhoids Recovery from illnesses
Paranoia Washing face Beautiful skin due to bathing  

Guest room with an open-air bath 【Senkei】

Large Stone open-air bath【kahou】